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About  eTree

eTree is a commerce solutions company that specializes in providing business services of every nature. eTree can help new and existing businesses with establishing new services, or saving money on existing services such as internet, phone, business wireless, POS systems and payment processing, IT management, accounting, security, and more.


eTree is a member of the Fort Atkinson Area Chamber of Commerce and has been a local business presence for over 10 years. As a proud member of this community we have established strong relationships with and serve many of the businesses right here in Fort Atkinson and South-Central Wisconsin.


The mission of eTree and of its owners is to provide high quality, value added solutions, that help businesses run more efficiently, save money, and alleviate the time-consuming process of establishing or upgrading their commerce solutions.

Meet The Team


Nick Collins

Nicholas Collins, a member owner of eTree, has over 15 years’ experience working with merchant services and providing value added solutions to retailers and services industries of all kinds.


Amanda Collins

Amanda Collins, the other member owner of eTree, has over 10 years’ experience working with clients in technology solution delivery and project management.

We have combined our backgrounds and talents to help businesses in our local community to realize more revenues, efficiencies, and be more successful, because we truly believe that we can only thrive, when we all thrive together.

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