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ACH Services

Give more payment options to your customers

What is ACH and why should you care about it? The Automated Clearing House is designed to process batches of payments. ACH’s low fees make it the perfect choice for lower-value payments like utility bills, insurance premiums, mortgages, and other bills.

Not only does that mean it charges much lower fees than credit cards, but it also offers a great alternative to the growing number of millennials and other consumers opting out of credit card use to avoid debt.


Average Reduction in Processing Costs


Average Reduction in Days Sales Outstanding


  • Lower transaction fees than credit/debit cards

  • Increased profits due to reduced administrative costs

  • Reduced fraud risk compared to paper checks

  • Increased conversion by offering an additional payment option at checkout

  • Encourages recurring billing

Who should use ACH?

  • Inbound call centers

  • Self-storage companies

  • Non-profit organizations that accept donations

  • Insurance companies

  • Property management companies/mortgage companies

  • Subscription-based organizations

  • Service-based merchants who use check conversion for in-person payments, such as doctors, lawyers, dentists and accountants

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